Home Depot Westfield, MA

Owner: Home Depot
Project Value: $1.5M
Contract Manager: RIV Construction

Tight timelines and differing site conditions were issues that immediately came to the forefront as we began this project. However, large projects such as this are really in our wheelhouse and were easily addressed by PPC’s team. The 75 acre site is one of Home Depot’s largest distributions centers in the Northeast. It services approximately 130 Home Depot stores throughout New England, delivery inventory to stores within a maximum of 72 hour time frame.

Awarded this large site contract late in the season, the project required rough and fine grading as well as paving 20,000 tons of HMA. Working closely with RIV’s construction management team, we dug into our resources and provided extra equipment to assist them with speeding up the construction process. This was critical to allowing RIV to meet their occupancy deadline late in December.