I-91 Windsor, CT

Owner: CTDOT
Project Value:  $3.0M
General Contractor: Waters Construction, Bridgeport CT
Paving Subcontractor: Palmer Paving Corp.

Stretching interstate transportation funds, and providing superior ride quality and smoothness to the traveling public is a constant balancing act for transportation officials. To meet these demands, CTDOT decided that they would utilize innovative pavement technologies and execute a pavement preservation project on one of the heaviest travelled interstates in the northeast — I-91.

PPC served as the prime subcontractor to Waters Construction on this pavement preservation project and using the right equipment was paramount.

The contract called for the install of 554,000 sy of Ultrathin Bonded HMA type B Pavement. Prior to the install of the 5/8” pavement, a Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion was applied. With the ROADTEC SP-200, the Spray Paver sprays tack and applies hot mix asphalt seconds later. Combining spraying and laydown produces a high-quality mat with a strong bond between layers.

With all of the work being performed at night, extra safety concerns and protocols were engaged to ensure everyone came home healthy at the end of their shift.