Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability means providing value to the community.

When we examine sustainability demands in our business, it’s important to look at how it extends into 3 areas of corporate responsibility: the Environment, the Economy, and General Society.

No matter where we work, the public is affected and impacted. Whether we are on a public road project, working in the commercial or private sector, or manufacturing products for our retail customers, every day we focus on the needs of the public. Quite simply, the public are our stakeholders.

We focus on sustaining the region by providing outstanding construction products and services for its citizens. That means consistent quality at the plant, our project sites, and with our personnel. Building better roads, passageways, and other public spaces connects people, commerce and communities.

Sustainable value also encompasses environmental protection and in turn, social well-being. We are held to strict standards set forth by the Commonwealth’s environmental protection agency. We operate to minimize impacts on the environment. We’re focused on compliance within the guidelines set forth by state and local environmental regulatory agencies.

We provide a healthy and safe work and operating environment and are dedicated to developing our employee base by making available extensive training and human resource development.

These practices are woven into the fabric of our everyday operations. We’re proud to foster a positive and innovative work environment and our long-term employee base is a testament to such working practices. This is vital to our longevity and a sustainable business model.

For almost 60 years, PPC has been providing solid employment in a safe work environment – not only for our direct employees but also our subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. This has translated into economic sustainability for the region – supporting thousands of individuals and families.

As we look to the future, we’re focused on how we continue to enhance our sustainability management system while positively impacting all aspects of our business – and thus, our communities and its constituents.